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Moms' day out in Austin

My girlfriend and I were in need of some girlie-catching-up after the Holidays. We had a fantastic day out in Austin and wanted to share it with you!

First of all, I recommend parking in the public parking at City Hall (Milk + Honey Spa will comp the parking so don't forget to take your ticket with ya')! It was the perfect location because all of our adventures were in close walking distance.

We started our adventures off with a coffee! Now, there are plenty of places to choose from such as: Jo's Coffee, Austin Java, Cafe Ruckus, Cafe Medici, etc. I just listed the ones that are RIGHT by City Hall & Milk + Honey Spa. There are too many to list, but if we were not on a have-pick-up-our-kids-from-daycare-time-crunch we would have walked over to Houndstooth!

The cup of jo was a nice way to kickstart our downtown-mommy-time-off adventure. After our caffeine boost we walked over to Milk + Honey Spa to enjoy a wonderful mani+pedi! Please note: if you have not been in a while or have never been please make sure you choose the google maps milk + honey spa on Guadalupe not Colorado. The Colorado Street location is their old location (although they are right by each other). We enjoyed a mimosa in the lounge after our services to catch up and let our tootsies dry.

After all the pampering, our tummies decided it was time to eat! We went over to Second Bar + Kitchen! Oh Baby! We went with the black and bleu pizza (topped with black truffle, bleu cheese, pork belly, dates & red onion); the buffalo fried pickles (with gorgonzola & bull’s hot sauce) & the fried olives (stuffed with pimento cheese). We were too full to order the congress burger (with shallots, gruyere, greens, tomatoes, & horseradish pickles), but will do so next time! We had the sweetest & cutest lil' blonde bartender! She just added to the amazing day!