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Round Rock Express Fun!

We absolutely love taking the kids to a baseball game. When they were younger we would get tix in the handicap seating row (it's not all handicap). We would bring the stroller and put the babe to sleep in the stroller if need be.... or if mommy and daddy just wanted some free hands to grub (wink wink). If you have an adventurous child that loves to explore, the lawn seating is awesome (and cheap). It's right by the pool and playground for an added bonus. Here are a few snapshots over the past few years! If you have a chance, take them out to a ball game this weekend! They have a home game tonight at 6pm and if that is too late for you, tomorrow's game is at noon (promo: $1 hot dogs and sodas)! 

The Express is also offering $8 Infield Reserved seats for the playoffs on September 9th & 10th. Use the special offer code "showdown" when purchasing online.

Purchase tickets here

Over the years at the Round Rock Express games